Hakama Features, Range, and Sales Policy

Hakama Features
The Katsura Hakama has been designed to satisfy all of an aikidoka's most important requirements and, respecting our founder's policy, carefully-priced with the markup fixed at a minimum. They are all tailor-made based on the individual's physique, designed for wear with the traditional thick cotton obi*, and have the features listed below.
Each hakama is fully crafted (cutting, pressing, and sewing) in Japan with the utmost attention to detail--no corners are cut in our tailoring process. The result is a long-lasting, very comfortable, professional-looking garment with the following features:
  • Exclusive use of high-quality Japanese fabrics--extensively tested both for strength and durability by experienced aikidoka in the dojo
  • Custom length based on hip-to-angle-bone data; tailoring based on waist measure; custom back and front strap (himo) lengths based on size and preference
  • Meticulous stitching with high-tensile thread by experienced Japanese seamstresses--reinforced at side vents and other key points to extend durability
  • Properly pressed pleats with optional, invisible, internal stitching for ease of folding and extra durability
  • Completely finished straps with specially strengthened interior, seven lines of stitching through the whole length, and double-stitched reinforced ends. A feature which allows more secure fastening without kinking
  • Strong, flexible, rubber koshiita engineered both for protection during ukemi and for maintenance of good posture. Custom-sized according to waist and firmly stitched in place
  • Unique, built-in design feature so--even if the obi knot protrudes--the front hem hangs at just about the same level as the back hem. This feature also lessens any side-vent flaring.**
  • Optional raised front hem
  • Structural modification for aikidoka tying the obi knot and straps below the waist level and/or tucking the front strap and upper front panel behind the obi
  • A choice of fabrics and colors reflecting the owner's individual taste and the country--each with the owner's name embroidered in hiragana, katakana, or kanji on the right hip below the koshiita. At no extra cost.
*If you use a very thin obi, please tell us, and we will make any required adjustments to your hakama.
**If your current hakama has appreciable side-vent flaring issues and too much dogi showing is an important style issue for you, a structural change can be made which eliminates--or at least radically reduces--the problem. See special orders in the Ordering Section.
The Katsura Range

The range offers a choice of three deluxe, hard-wearing, wrinkle-resistant fabrics: two of these are available in two colors, and all three are zero shrinkage, if they are cold washed.

On request, samples of the fabrics shown below can be sent express with shipping charges being billed.

DeLuxe Regular Hakama: JPY29 500 ($265/E255/£203) 
Hakama in a medium weight, highly-durable, 35% rayon-65% polyester blend with a matte finish in black or dark blue: experience and extensive testing in the dojo have shown it is suitable for both beginners and advanced aikidoka alike.
This model is recognized as ideal for year-round use in most countries.

Samples are shown directly below with black on the right – click on image to enlarge--we are currently out of stock of dark blue.


DeLuxe Lightweight Stretch Hakama: JPY32 500 ($290/€250/£223)

Hakama in a remarkable and very strong, non-shiny (matte) fabric that is unique to our company: 100% polyester with a smooth finish in black or navy blue; although slightly lighter than Regular--but not as light as cubic sensor--it still keeps its shape, even during ukemi; many aikidoka find their freedom of movement enhanced by the lighter weight and the slight stretch, especially during suwari waza.

This model is easier to dust off after keiko and, since it's fast-drying, ideal for warmer countries or when extensive travel is required.

Samples are shown directly below with black on the right – click on image to enlarge--we are currently out of stock of navy blue fabric.




DeLuxe Linen Blend Hakama: JPY33 500 ($300/€256/£229)

Hakama in a lightweight, 15% linen-85% polyester composite fabric only available in black: durable yet slightly lighter than the Lightweight Stretch; agreeable for aikidoka who particularly appreciate the feel of linen; offers very good ventilation making it perfect for summer or for use in countries with a warmer climate.

This model is handwashable and ideal where extensive travel is required. Internally stitched pleats are advised.

                                                                        ---- || ----


Pleat Treatment

Katsura hakama fabrics will hold their pleats for years--especially if the folding is done correctly on a regular basis. But, although internally-stitched pleats are not in the Japanese tradition--purists believe them bothersome for suwari waza--many aikidoka like them because they make for easier folding.

For this reason and, as an added assurance of longevity, we can now offer this option which is completely invisible when the hakama is worn. It is not included in special orders, and an optional supplement of JPY1 750 ($15/€13/£12) is always charged.

Name Embroidery

At no extra cost, your first name or last name is embroidered vertically on the right hip below the koshiita, usually in silver-grey or yellow-gold. Unless otherwise requested, it's in katakana, script traditionally reserved for non-Japanese names. For any other color or language, please advise in the covering email.

For both first and last names, there is a charge of JPY500 ($4.50/€3.80/£3.40) and, if western script is wanted, the charge is double.

Sales Policy: Group and Repeat Orders

We never have any sales because our prices are already very carefully structured with markup set at a minimum. And, in any event, when ordering one of our hakama, it does mean you are buying from the people who actually tailor it--with the obvious value-for-money advantages.

However, as a sign of our appreciation, for repeat orders from our customers and for group orders of four or more hakama, we offer a ten percent (10%) price reduction.


Shipping Costs

We offer free express shipping by EMS to Europe, North America and Oceana; costs for Africa and South America on request.

Billing is in Japanese Yen (JPY), and payment must be in Japanese Yen. The quoted currency costs (dollar, Euro, and pounds sterling) are guidelines only and, for more precise costs, please consult the currency converter at www.xe.com or the one preset at Japanese Yen (JPY) on the Dogi and Obi page just below the price chart.

Please note that prices do not include any duties, local taxes, and associated import costs that may be levied by the delivery agent acting as agent for customs – see Ordering and Fitting.

These charges vary from country to country but we can give an indicative average for Europe of around Euro 50. For a reliable guide to the duty and taxes for a specific country, you are advised to check on the website dutycalculator.com.

However, our experience has shown that, in most countries, the majority of parcels are not taxed.

Hakama Maintenance

The most important maintenance by far is careful folding on a daily basis. Although this is sometimes regarded as a nuisance, it is part of the discipline and spirit of budo which will pay off in the long term.

A hakama should be washed once a month--twice is better--and we suggest washing by hand in luke-warm water. However, if you have to machine wash, it is essential to use a soft program at less than thirty degrees.

A hakama must never be machine dried but dried by hanging it up by the loops  buit-in for this purpose. Once fully dry, it should be folded and stored.


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