Customer Comments

Here's what aikidoka who own a Katsura Hakama say about it and Atelier Katsura service.

Glenn C Brooks (6th Dan) Shihan and Dojocho of Aikido of Scottsdale, Scottsdale AZ, USA
: [the hakama is] “perfect”......”it has been a pleasure to deal with you and your company...The customer service and dedication to making me a great custom hakama was amazing. I'm proud to wear your hakama and wish your company much success.”
Bill Smythe (5th Dan) Shidoin and Dojocho of Aikido Arts Center, Santa Fe, NM, USA: Your service and workmanship are excellent! I've owned many other well-known brands of hakama but none can compare to yours in quality, fit, and feel. I highly recommend your hakama and will be ordering more from you in the future -- Many Thanks!"

David Yates (5th Dan) Shidoin at Wa Go Kan Dojo, Manchester, UK and Vice-Chairman British Aikido Federation: “I found it [the hakama] really comfortable to train in and the way it keeps its shape. I have been asked by a number of people I train with how they can get one from your company”.

Thomas Wessel Hansen (5th Dan) Shidoin and Dojocho Frederiksberg Aiki Dojo, Frederiksberg, Denmark and Board Member Danish Aikido Federation: “After many years of having used factory-made hakama, it is a revelation to discover how a tailor made hakama suits me. The quality is unsurpassed and keeps its shape even after years of training.”

5th Dan, Aikikai Honbu Dojo, Tokyo: "When you first see a Katsura hakama, you instinctively know it has a special quality, but it's only when you handle one you realize what it is--the feel of craftsmanship and quality." 

Yarek Modzelewski (1st Dan) Board Member of Frederiksberg Aiki Dojo, Frederiksberg, Denmark: “the quality of the hakama is wears fantastic and I will shortly be ordering another fact I don't think I will be using any other brand in the future”.

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