Atelier Katsura provides direct access to Japanese Aikido clothing made only in the traditional way and respecting the highest manufacturing standards.
In the past, aikidoka at every level were never truly satisfied with suppliers' off-the-shelf hakama. But having no direct contact with Japanese craftsmen, they really had no other choice.
Atelier Katsura's founding idea was to change all of that. And always strive to offer paramount quality and service to students in all the schools within the worldwide Aikido community.


A little over five years ago, our founder--mentored by Shirakawa Hideo, an accomplished hakama tailor with over forty years experience--mastered the art of traditional hakama tailoring.

Then, guided by a long-time student at a prominent Toky dojo--now one of our directors--we introduced a series of useful design innovations.

The hakama in our range ensure comfort, durability, and elegance only found in a tailor-made garment. They're 100% made in Japan at our workshops and only sold online under the Shirakawa red "Ki"  label.


We also offer customized aikido gi, and our unique fitting method ensures you get the best dogi size for your particular physique. Efficiently and without having to rely on confusing charts.

Our prices are quite competitive and, considering the unmatched quality and craftmanship involved, we offer the best value for money--by far.

So, if you want to own the finest hakama available or have your next dogi really fit properly, check out the site. We are sticklers for detail and will answer enquiries within 24 hours.

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