An increasing number of American and European aikidoka have recently been agreeably suprised by the very real advantages they can get by wearing a traditional, tailor-made Japanese hakama.
In the past, they were never fully satisfied with the fit, the quality and the look of the main suppliers' off-the-shelf hakama. But, having no direct contact with Japanese craftsmen, they reluctantly had to compromise.  Atelier Katsura changed all that. 


A little over five years ago, Keiko Yakawa, mentored by Shirakawa Hideo--an accomplished hakama tailor with over forty years experience--mastered the art of quality hakama tailoring. Then, instructed by an advanced aikidoka, she introduced a number of design innovations. Atelier Katsura was born.

The resulting “Katsura Hakama” is 100% made in Japan by Atelier Katsura under the Shirakawa red label--and sold directly to aikidoka worldwide.

It provides the much greater comfort, durability and elegance that you get with a tailor-made garment. And can, as many now believe, help to enhance the wearer's moves.


The Katsura Hakama now has enthusiastic owners in the United States and Europe as well as in Japan at the Aikikai Honbu Dojo.

Considering the unmatched quality and the amount of seamstress time involved, our prices are more than fair and offer the best value for money. 

So, first hakama or replacement, if you want to own the finest hakama available, please check out the site details. We welcome dialogue and will reply within 24 hours to any email questions you have.

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